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Modern Bebop lick

Modern Bebop lick

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  • Hi, i from Venezuela.can you send me jazz free lessons? Please. Thanks

  • Hi Ivo-

    Thanks for writing. Have you checked out my youtube page?
    The page address is http://www.youtube/com/user/jzgy12 . I’ve got several free videos – mostly on jazz – with more to come. Is there anything specific that you’re interested in learning?
    I also offer video lessons, using Skype software.

    Thanks again,
    Dave Lockwood

    PS If you’d like, I can put you on my list, and I’ll notify you when the next video is on the page. I’m putting together a video for Larry Carlton’s guitar solo on Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne”, which should be pretty interesting. That should be done soon!

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