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  • No!! No!! don’t tell me that you have “The Heavy Guitar Bible!!” I had this book back When I first started playing (with that ugly brown guitar remember?) Man, I did’nt get any thing out of that book. I can’t say that I gave it a fair chance either. I threw that book away years ago!!

  • Which one of these rock books would you recomemend. I have (again) Rock Guiter for Dummies and the Mark Tremonti DVD and book, in addition I have issues of Guitar Player and Guitar World. I want to be a Blues based Rock guitarist.

  • Yes!! Yes!! Well, I used to – I think I lost it at some point – not sure. I thought it was a great book for learning all of your pentatonic patterns – both major and minor. Come to think of that, that’s where I learned all of that stuff. So, you may want to give it another shot…

  • One of my favorite rock books, which I forgot to add, is Arlen Roth’s Heavy Metal Guitar –
    It’s a pretty old book (21 years) , but some things don’t change. It takes you all the way from Blues licks to advanced tapping licks, including rhythm guitar.

    Overall, I’d say work on mastering your pentatonic forms, then get an artist lick book and work from that. I say it in that order because if you know those patterns, the licks that you learn in the songs will already feel pretty familiar.
    So, since you’re interested in blues rock guitar, maybe get an Eric Clapton or SRV transcription book, and work on those.

  • Oh, also – have you checked out Jeff Healey? Wow…Check him out here –
    He was blind (died last year), and played it like a lap steel.

  • I may get those at a later date, because I have some info on penatonic positions and tapping already and I want to get my money’s worth out of them. thanx for the info!!

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